60 Eggs Incubator Plywood

Product Description

Machine TypeAutomatic
Body Laminated Plywood
Capacity60 Incubation and 60 Hatching
Supply Volt220 - 230v
FinishLaminated Finish
Embryo Formation Eggs Rolling (As what hen does)
For Humidity Keep some water (Water tray will be provided)
Humidity Percentage60 to 65% (For 17 Days) and 70 to 75% (From 17th day to 21st Days)

Product details

Product Name 60 Eggs Incubator Plywood
Approx Price 10000


Additional Information

Incubators are built to include a motor and a fan which work at keeping the temperature inside at the required level. As the inside temperature of the incubator must be kept at a constant level, ideally the incubator should be kept inside and in a room where the temperature will not drop too low.

The eggs are placed on a tray inside the incubator and they need to be turned at least 3 times a day. The smaller the egg the more will fit on the tray and the larger the egg the lesser will fit.

Water needs be added to the incubator each day to keep the humidity at the correct levels and this level will increase on the last few days of incubation. There is usually a hole at the base of the incubator which allows the water to be added without the need for the incubator to be opened

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