60 Egg Incubator Steel Model

Product Description

Machine TypeFully Automatic machine
Body FinishSteel Body
Capacity60 Incubation and 60 Hatching
Hatching Ratio80 to 85% Depends on Eggs fertility


Supply Volt220v - 230v
FinishPaint finish or Powder Coat Finish
Embryo FormationEggs tilting 
For HumidityKeep some water (Water tray will be provided)
Humidity Percentage60 to 65% (For 17 Days) and 70 to 75% (From 17th day to 21st Days)

Product details

Product Name 60 Egg Incubator Steel Model
Approx Price 10000


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Additional Information

Advantages of Automatic Incubator

One of the major advantages of an automatic egg incubator is that it turns the eggs for you, so you don’t have to remember to do so each day. The eggs sit in compartments on a specially designed tray. This trays are moved automatically by a synchronous  motor which cause the eggs to rotate.

If you want to be more involved in the incubation process, then a manual incubator is for you because with a manual egg incubator, you are required to turn the eggs by hand at least 3 times a day. In manual incubator this process may end in wrong hatching at the end of 21st day. It is best that you mark one side of the egg so that you can track when they were last turned. It is important that eggs are turned regularly as the chick can stick to the inside of the shell.

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