120 Eggs Incubator Steel

Product Description



Machine TypeFully Automatic machine
BodyMild Steel Body
Capacity120 Incubation and 120 Hatching
Hatching Ratio80 - 85% Depends on the egg fertility
Supply Volt220 - 230 v
Finish Paint finish or Powder Coat Finish
Embryo FormationEggs tilting
For HumidityKeep some water (Water tray will be provided)
Humidity Percentage60 to 65% (For 17 Days) and 70 to 75% (From 17th day to 21st Days)

Product details

Product Name 120 Eggs Incubator Steel
Approx Price 15000


Upcoming Features In Incubator

• Egg Tilting automatic model

• 120 Incubation and 120 Hatching

• 85% To 90% Hatching ratio

• It can connect with Internet from your mobile.

• The machine will automatically store temperature and humidity maintained for every half an hour for 35 days.

• Humidity will be displayed. 

• Very advanced model and can be watched 24x7 through an mobile app. • Warranty 3 yrs.

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